Top 10 List of Work Comp Audit Errors

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No Workers Compensation Audit Worksheets Provided to You

Number 5 on the top ten list of Workers Compensation Audit Mistakes

Top 10 List of
Work Comp Audit Errors
  1. Wrong Work Comp Job Class Used

  2. Experience Mod Factor Changed

  3. Charged for Subcontractors

  4. Work Comp Credits Removed

  5. No Work Comp Audit Worksheet Provided

  6. Work Comp Rates Changed

  7. Separation of Payroll Not Allowed

  8. Large Additional Premium Due

  9. Payroll Does Not Match

  10. No Physical Audit Completed                

No workers compensation audit worksheets are provided to you.

Work comp worksheets are the work papers the auditor uses to compile your payroll information. You should always be given a copy of the worksheets when the auditor has completed his audit and is preparing to leave your business.

So why is it important you have a copy of the worksheet;

  • Worksheets show how the auditor classed your business.
  • They show the total payroll used in generating your audit.
  • Worksheets show the description of your business.
  • specific information gathered during the audit will be shown on the Worksheets.

Without worksheets you will just receive a bill from the insurance company with no explanation as to how that audit bill was developed.

How do you know what that audit bill is really for? So why not just pay it! But don't forget, insurance companies make mistakes on audits all the time!

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