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Experience Modification Worksheet (E-mod, XMod or EMR)

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Experience Modification Worksheet

Your workers compensation experience modification worksheet (E-mod) is a summary of prior losses and payrolls. If your account is subject to an experience modification factor you will receive a copy of this worksheet from the National Council on Compensation Insurance (NCCI) or the proper rating bureau for your state approximately three months prior to the renewal date of your workers compensation policy. It is the form that tells you what your upcoming experience mod factor will be. If you have difficulty locating this form just let us know. We can assist you in securing the proper experience modification worksheet.

The worksheet is a detailed document Where can you find the d ratio in use? It is found on a workers compensation experience modification factor (emod) worksheet and is a factor used in the calculation of the emod. The d ratio is used to calculate the expected primary losses for any certain classification code. In its use the d ratio is multiplied by the expected losses for a certain class code and the resulting number is the expected primary losses for that specific class code. D ratios are produced by a rating bureau and published in that rating bureaus experience rating plan manual. In regards NCCI the published d ratio for any given class code can be found in table II of the experience rating manual.

Also known as the discount ratio, the d ratio is produced during the workers compensation rate making phase by the specific rate making bureau in question. Each workers comp class code is assigned its own d ratio as part of the rate making process.

Recent changes (2009-2010) in NCCI class rate making methods will affect the d ratio and its application for individual experience mod factors. The new method being employed by NCCI will make adjustments, in a simple form, based on hazard groups. With more viable information available, the d ratios now being used should better reflect the likely outcome of loss thus making the predictive nature of the d ratio more precise. However the exact nature of these changes on the d ratio will only tell in the future.

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