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Workers Compensation Consultants

"We correct premium errors for all employers"
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Workers Compensation Consultants - Discover and Correct Workers Compensation Premium Audit Errors and Mistakes.

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Client Feedback...

A Metal Goods Manufacturer...
"Consultants at WCC helped us with a major audit problem..."
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A $111,500 Mistake Corrected...
"A premium credit was left off of our policy and the mistake was discovered by WCC..."
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A National Leader in Parts Inventory Services...
"After years with the same insurance company our class codes were changed by the auditor andwe received a bill for over $24,000..."
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Auto Industry Component Manufacturer...
"Two of our domestic plant operations had their codes reclassified at audit costing our company over $200,000 in additional premium..."
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  We Work For You...
The employer, to discover and correct overcharges and premium errors in your business insurance workers compensation audits, experience modification factors, job classifications, credits and premium calculations. We review workers compensation audits, E-mods, premium calculations and class codes; then return premium overcharges to you and lower your workers compensation cost! We do not sell insurance! We fix workers compensation audit errors and mistakes. We solve workers compensation audit and premium problems!

  We Help You...
Secure Audit Refunds -
from insurance carriers that may have overcharged you for workers compensation coverage.
Review Workers Compensation Codes -
for accuracy and provide a confidential independent resource for proper workers comp code classification of your operation.
Correct Experience Modification Rate or EMR problems-
when faced with high or out of control Experience Modification Rates due to incorrect mod calculations or improper claims handling.
With Expert Witness and Litigation Support -
for Attorneys and their Clients experiencing workers compensation premium, audit and classification code problems.
Prepare for Audits with our PAR™ Program -
Be proactive! Our Pre-Audit Review (PAR) Program is designed to help prepare for an upcoming workers comp audit.
Discover and Correct Work Comp Premium Errors, Mistakes and Problems -
Approximately 25-50% of business owners are unknowingly now or have been in the past overcharged on their work comp audits by an insurance company. Business insurance carriers are constantly making audit mistakes and errors; How We Fix Them.
  We Consult and Provide Expert Witness Services...
On workers compensation audits, audit disputes, premium problems, classification codes, retrospective rating plans, claim reserve impact and experience modification issues to employers, attorneys, insurance agencies, agents, auditors and companies.

  We Provide You...
An affordable independent workers compensation consulting service to assist you with premium, audit, experience modification or ERM and classification code problems along with free helpful consumer information about a variety of workers compensation topics and issues on our website, WorkCompConsultant.com.

  We Protect You...
And your business in strictest confidence. All information remains strictly private and disclosed only when authorized by you. In addition, we do not sell insurance and we won't replace your current insurance agent.

  We Are...
Your first resource for correcting problems with Workers Compensation Payroll Audits, Workers Compensation Classification Codes, EMR, XMOD, EMOD or Experience Modification Factors, Workers Compensation Audit Disputes and all other premium mistakes, errors and problems associated with a workers compensation policy. Contact Workers Compensation Consultants today to see how we can help your business!

Stop paying higher premiums because of undiscovered workers compensation errors and mistakes!
Contact Workers Compensation Consultants today for a Workers Comp Premium Refund Review!

Contact Us:
2718 Forum Blvd. Suite 3B
Columbia, MO 65203
Voice: (573) 489-8323
Fax: (573) 447-4998
email: [email protected]

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Top 10 List of
Work Comp Audit Errors
  1. Wrong Work Comp Job Class Used

  2. Experience Mod Factor Changed

  3. Charged for Subcontractors

  4. Work Comp Credits Removed

  5. No Work Comp Audit Worksheet Provided

  6. Work Comp Rates Changed

  7. Separation of Payroll Not Allowed

  8. Large Additional Premium Due

  9. Payroll Does Not Match

  10. No Physical Audit Completed

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Other Information Found On This Page

  • Do you need help with a high EMR, EMOD, XMOD or Experience Modification Rate? - Check Out Our Special EMR Review Service
    • A special service for employers, insurance agents and brokers in need of help with out of control or high experience modification rates. This review service will help identify all rating factors used in the calculation and development of an EMR. When requested we will work to identify problem areas and assist in making corrections with discovered errors and mistakes. A valuable service for any employer with an EMOD over 1.0!

  • Experience Modification Rate or EMR - what it is, how it works and how to control it!
    • On this page you will learn about the EMR, EMOD, XMOD or Experience Modification Rate, what is is, how it works and what you can do when things go wrong! We provide detailed information about individual rating factors used in development of the modification rate. You will find out about the way expected losses are calculated and how claims directly effect the Mod Factor. And you will learn which states use NCCI and which ones use other rating authorities. And finally we provide you with a few examples of rating formulas in use.

  • Workers Compensation Speaker Services - Presentations designed for your group or organization
    • Need a speaker for your next meeting? Visit our Speaker Services page for the current list of workers compensation speaking topics! These special speaking presentations are conducted by us for your organization or group. We've developed seven various speaking topics that cover a wide range of workers compensation premium related issues including audit, experience rating, classification codes and more. Your group will learn about mistakes insurance companies make and what to do about them, audit problems for contractors and real life tips on what to do when a mistake occurs. With presentations suitable for groups of all sizes be sure to contact us for your next meeting!

  • Help for Insurance Agents and Brokers
    • Let us help! We provide our consulting services to insurance agents, agencies and insurance brokers who have clients experiencing workers compensation premium problems. Our services enhance those offered by traditional independent agencies, their agents and brokers by providing access to our consultants for those clients having problems or who need outside independent analysis and assistance with code classification, audits, EMR, EMOD, claim review and reserving issues. Click this link and visit our section about consulting services for agents and brokers.

  • Retrospective Rating Plans, Retro Plans - Learn about workers comp retro plans and how to correct problems associated with them.
    • On this page of our website you'll learn about retrospective rating plans for workers compensation funding, how they work, and discover who should and should not consider using them. We'll discuss the pros and cons and identify the pitfalls and offer solutions to problems associated with these complicated loss sensitive workers comp funding plans. You'll find a link to our retrospective rating plan review service, a service we offer to both employers and attorneys with retro problems.

  • EMR Rating Issues for Contractors, Construction Contracts and Bidding - EMR problems and solutions for contractors who bid on construction contracts.
    • A detail page about the effects the EMR has on construction operations and contractors who bid on private and government construction projects. Learn about the problems faced by contractors with EMR problems, pre-qualification requirements and the safety evaluations used under the Federal Acquisitions Regulations and other state statutes. Learn about solutions for these identified EMR problems for contractors.

  • All About Workers Compensation Audits - What they are, Common mistakes made, Pitfalls and Solutions.
    • We've compiled on this page of our website detailed information about most areas of work comp audits. We spend time describing what an audit is and why they occur. We talk about the common pitfalls that await employers. We talk about solutions to audit problems and discuss items that all employers should be aware of during the audit process. It's a page full of helpful information that you can use today!

  • Discovering Workers Compensation Audit Errors - A roadmap you can use to discover errors and mistakes
    • On this page you can find an outline to help you discover common errors and mistakes made on audits. We'll discuss the two categories of audit errors and how they fit into the overall picture. We also give you some questions to ask and provide some guideance on what to look for in the information you review. We hope this page will help you get a handle on discovering common audit errors!

  • Workers Compensation Policy Premium Calculations - Learn how to rate a workers compensation policy.
    • This page of our website is where you will learn about rating algorithms or premium calculation formulas, rating elements like payroll, rates, premium discounts, schedule rating factors, deductible credit factors, contracting credit premium adjustment program, employers liability increased limits factor and other elements that come together to make up the premium on a policy. You'll learn how not all states follow the same rating procedure and how some states have additional factors that go into the premium calculation formula. Once you've finished this page we hope you will have a much better idea of how to actually rate a workers compensation policy!

  • Workers Compensation Video Directory

  • Expert Witness and Litigation Support
    • Litigation in the workers compensation premium generation arena can be very complicated. Technical issues when it comes to workers compensation litigation can be what makes or breaks a case. Our expert consultants provide valuable expert witness and litigation support for both defense and plaintiff attorneys. Make sure you click this link, visit our section dedicated to these services and view our expert consultants Curriculum Vitae's (CV's).

  • Our Blog - Be sure to visit Workers Compensation Consultants Blog
    • Updated almost every day! We write about a variety of workers compensation topics that are important to employers, insurance agents and insurance company employees alike. You'll find our blog is more about how workers comp works on a day to day basis. We post articles about claims, premium, experience rating and workers compensation audit issues. It's about those things that impact an employers workers compensation program. We provide tips and helpful information all employers can use! Make sure you click this link and visit our blog!

  • Coverage Verification Directory - Our index to individual states coverage verification services
    • Need to verify an employers workers compensation coverage? Use our workers compensation verification directory! We've compiled this easy to use, single directory of all individual states coverage verification services. Most states have their own service for verifying workers comp coverage and trying to find those services can be difficult. You can save time and quickly find access to all states offering this service from this convenient, easy to use index!

  • Contractors and Construction Operations - Learn about work comp issues specific to your industry
    • Here you will learn about special topics interest and current issues that concern employers in the construction industry. We discuss experience rating and the EMR being used as a construction safety indicator; OSHA, claim, safety programs and their effect on a contractors premium. Through links to our blog you will learn about current state specific workers compensation issues facing contractors and the contracting business. And about how audit, code and claim reviews can help reduce a contractors workers compensation premium.

  • EMR or Experience Modification Rating Elements - Individual rating elements used to calculate an EMR
    • On this page you will learn about the individual rating elements that go into an experience modification rate calculation. We'll show you what they are, where they come from and how the fit into the overall development of a EMR or Experience Mod Rate. You'll learn about the Experience Period, ELR, D-Ratio, Ballast, Weighting, Actual Incurred Losses, Expected Losses, Primary and Excesses Losses. You'll learn who's responsible for developing and updating rating elements. This page is full of technical information about experience rating workers compensation.

  • How Claims Effect Workers Compensation Premium - Learn about claims and what they do to your premium
    • Here you will learn about the effect workers compensation claims have on the premium of an experience rated policy. We tell you about claim cost components, what they are and how they work; about how claims drive the cost of guaranteed and loss sensitive policies; discuss the most common claim errors and how they factor into the premium calculation; what an employer should do when claim errors are discovered and how claim errors and mistakes are corrected. You'll learn how a claim review can help save you premium dollars!

  • ERM 14 Form - Learn about this form, where to find a copy, how to complete it and where to send it once completed
    • We're not quite sure why so much confusion surrounds the ERM 14 otherwise known as the Confidential Request for Ownership Information Form but on this page of our website we will take you through the individual sections of this form. We will point out the relationship of ownership, combinability of experience data and the experience modification rating plan. You will learn about Change of Ownership Rules and how they apply when a business owner sells their business to another entity. We will point out little thought about issues with ownership changes and how they affect a workers compensation EMR or experience modification rate. And finally we provide direct links to a Blank ERM 14 Form provided by NCCI with instructions of use that you can access and use.

  • NCCI Inspection Process, Dispute and Appeal - Helpful information about NCCI
    • Learn about the NCCI, National Council on Compensation Insurance, inspection process. Find out what to expect during the process and what kind of information you'll be expected to provide the inspector. Learn how the on-site classification inspection fits into the pricing of your workers compensation policy. Find out what to do if you disagree with the outcome of the inspection, how to file a dispute, the formal appeal process and where to find help if you need it!

  • Workers Compensation Articles - Free articles about workers comp issues and topics
    • Here's where you can find articles about workers compensation insurance topics on a variety of subjects. The main page of our article section provides you with a list of various published articles you can choose from. Our articles are directed at employers, editors and those who are responsible for written information to use in news letters, publications and websites. We add new workers comp articles from time to time so be sure to check back for articles about the most topical workers comp issues. Please note these free articles are available for you to use and republish as long as you follow the terms of use as set out in this section.

  • A Policy Review- Paying too much for workers compensation insurance?
    • Think there's a problem with your policy? Here's where we tell you why you need to have your workers compensation policy reviewed. You'll learn about the complex rules and regulations governing workers compensation. How those rules are so confusing even insurance professionals sometimes don't get it right. And how those mistakes can cost you a lot of money in overpaid premium. And you'll learn how a simple policy review can make sure your policy is right and maybe even put premium dollars back into your pocket!

  • Premium Recovery - Steps you need to take to get started securing workers comp refunds
    • If you think you have been overcharged for workers compensation insurance then you need to take advantage of our premium recovery service. Our section on Premium Recovery includes an easy to follow outline of how to get started. This section will show you the documents we need to begin analyzing your workers compensation program for errors and mistakes and get started returning overpaid premium back to you.

  • Ghost Policy - Learn about the problems and issues with the Workers Compensation Ghost Policy
    • A workers compensation ghost policy can be big trouble for everyone involved! That's right, the policy people pay for but have no coverage! Go to this page to learn more about the problems and issues surrounding this strange type of workers comp policy.

  • Certificate of Insurance - A new section all about insurance certificates
    • Learn about Certificates of Insurance and their impact on your insurance cost. What to look out for when you need a certificate, where to get a certificate and how certificates can effect the cost of your workers compensation insurance.

  • Injured Worker Benefits Directory - Injured employees, look up your state work comp benefits Here
    • Workers Compensation Benefits are directed by each individual state. If you are looking for workers comp benefit information for the state in which you conduct business or if you are an injured worker and need to know about your benefits then check out this benefits directory. It's set up for all fifty states with links for you to use to each states workers comp authority.

  • Workers Compensation Codes and Classification
    • Workers comp codes can be confusing for both employers and insurance professionals! In this section of our website you'll find valuable information on the classification system along with how codes work, who is in charge of determining the correct codes and what to do if you think the codes being used on your workers compensation policy are incorrect.

  • Pay As You Go Workers Compensation
    • Here you'll learn about a new trend in workers compensation pay plans. In this section of our website We discuss the pros and cons about the pay as you go trend in workers compensation. So if you're considering the pay as you go workers comp option, be sure to read through our thoughts on this topic before you make any decisions!

  • Workers Comp Rules, Laws and Contact Directory - Look up any state workers comp rules Here
    • Ever try to find the workers compensation rules for the state where you conduct business? Here's our state by state directory of workers comp laws and rules compiled from information we've gathered from each state workers compensation authority. It's a free workers comp rules directory.

  • Monopolistic States
    • What is a monopolistic state? Visit this section to learn about the remaining monopolistic states, what it means to have a workers compensation policy in one of these states and how being in a monopolistic state can effect your workers comp costs.

  • Need Help With A Workers Compensation Problem?
    • Where do you go when you need help with a workers compensation problem? It sure can be confusing searching the web for useful information so when you need help with a work comp problem, just go to this section of our website for guidance and helpful information.

  • $111,500 Reason to Use Our Service
    • It's hard to believe but very large errors are made every day on workers compensation insurance policies. This mistake was so impressive that we couldn't resist making a web page all about it. Check out this new page and you'll see how a very simple mistake on this clients workers compensation policy cost them $111,500 in overpaid workers compensation premiums! It really can pay to have someone check over your workers compensation policy for errors and mistakes!

  • 5 Workers Compensation Tips for the New Employer
    • Here are five helpful tips for employers about workers compensation. This page is geared towards the new employer but is also helpful to seasoned business owners alike. These tips will help you be better organized when purchasing your workers compensation insurance.

  • Workers Compensation Mistakes That Employers Make
    • Ever wonder what mistakes employers make when dealing with workers compensation? In this section you'll learn about those common errors and will leave better prepared to make corrections in the way you conduct business where it concerns your workers compensation program. Learn the pitfalls and be prepared!

  • Tips on How to Prepare for a Workers Compensation Audit
    • Learn all about the audit process, what records you need to have available, how to prepare those records in advance and how to properly communicate with the workers compensation auditor. When it comes to having a sucessful audit experience it's all about the preparation. Visit this section of our website and you'll pick up helpful information on how to survive the workers compensation audit!

  • How to Dispute a Workers Compensation Audit
    • Do you know how to properly dispute a workers compensation audit? In this section we'll take you through the audit dispute process. We'll caution you as to the right way and the wrong way to file a workers comp audit dispute and we'll advise you when you may want to seek professional help.

  • Workers Comp Resources for Employers
    • It can be hard to find helpful resources when it comes to workers compensation. We've compiled this section to help you out when you are seeking information such as the name and address to your states workers compensation authority and department or division of insurance.

  • How to Tell if You are Overcharged for Workers Comp
    • Do you know how to tell if you've been overcharged for your workers compensation insurance coverage? We do! On this page we've compiled a list of useful signs that may indicate an overcharge situation. So if you want to know if you've been overcharged, just run down this list and answer the questions, you might be surprised just how many situations apply to you!

  • Ask Us A Question About Workers Compensation
    • Have a question? Send us an email, call or complete this section and we'll do our best to help you out.

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