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Where To Find Workers Compensation Codes

An Article About Workers Compensation By Randy Sieberg, CIC, ARM, CRM

Where to find Workers Compensation Codes –

Are you looking for a workers compensation class code or a NCCI code? Not an easy task especially if you’re not associated with the insurance business.

Workers compensation codes are developed and administered by independent rating bureaus or advisory organizations found throughout this country. The most prominent of these is NCCI or the National Council on Compensation Insurance who can be found in Boca Raton Florida. NCCI is the advisory organization found within most states. Other states use advisory organizations which are made up of a combination of state operated groups, state funds and monopolistic states.

These advisory organizations are responsible for gathering and analyzing workers compensation statistical data and rate information which is then used by their member insurance companies for establishing rates in each participating state. NCCI, unlike some of the other advisory organizations, is a private company and if you’re looking for workers comp information from them it will come at a price!

When it comes to locating NCCI workers compensation codes the authority guide, owned and copyrighted by NCCI, is the Scopes Manual. The Scopes Manual is only available by a costly subscription directly through NCCI.

The Workers Comp Code of Secrecy –

Kind of like Indiana Jones! There’s really not a code of secrecy…. unless you’re trying to find help with a workers comp code problem! When an employer feels his or her business has been improperly classified or believes the wrong workers comp code is being used they generally feel the use of a different class code would lower their premium. Sometimes this is true, sometimes not. But who could blame them for wanting to pay a lower premium and wanting to verify the accuracy of their codes!

Proper interpretation and application of a workers compensation class code can be complicated, confusing and difficult at its best. As an experienced workers compensation consultant I’ve reviewed many workers comp policies and over the years have made corrections to many miss-applied workers comp codes. Corrections of which saved employers many thousands of premium dollars.

Yes, mistakes happen, class codes are not properly applied, probably more often than you’d expect, and when they do, employers pay more. So for the employer, maybe there really is a cloak of secrecy when it comes to workers comp codes!

Where to find help with Workers Comp Class Codes –

Finding workers comp codes and making a proper interpretation and application of those codes are separate situations. So if you still need help finding a code or help with a workers comp or NCCI code problem you might want to start here:
  • Check with a workers compensation consultant. Hey, that’s what we do! You’ll find a consultant has experience working with NCCI codes and can help you make proper code classifications of your business. So if you’re looking for professional help, give us a call or just check the web. There’s a few consulting firms out there that do a good job and would be happy to help you out!
  • Contact NCCI or the advisory organization in your state. As far as NCCI goes, many of their services are only provided at a cost. They remain a great source for this type of information.
  • Contact your insurance agent! After all, they are the one who setup that policy for you in the first place! Still amazes me how many clients do not contact their agent. Who knows, maybe it’s because they’re the source of the mistake.
  • Contact your state workers comp authority – each state has one!
Conclusion –

In this article I’ve provided you with information on finding help when dealing with workers comp class codes. But remember, finding the codes and making the proper application of those codes are two different things. Proper interpretation of a class code is required and is an art. Miss-application of a workers comp code can lead to thousands of dollars in overpaid premiums!


Publication Date: 04-10-09
Copyright © 2009 All rights reserved

Randy Sieberg, CIC, ARM, CRM, has over 27 years experience in risk management and property and casualty insurance, is with Workers Compensation Consultants, an independent workers compensation consulting firm and works with business oweners to discover and return workers compensation premium overcharges by reviewing insurance audits, job classifications, payroll class assignments, experience modification factors and credit applications. Please contact Randy at [email protected]


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