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Workers Compensation Audit Worksheet

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Audit Worksheet

This is the actual worksheet the auditor uses to gather and catagorize all the premium generating items from the audit. It generally includes all information regarding your company payroll for the audit period. Many times this worksheet must be requested and is not just attached to your billing statement. We will with your authority help you request this form from the insurance company.

The audit worksheets will look different depending on the audit company or insurance company conducting the audit. Some may more resemble a spreadsheet while others may look like a listing of information. Regardless the way a worksheet looks it should include:
  • The name, address and phone number of the named insured.
  • The client contact name.
  • A listing of locations.
  • A listing of Executive Officers, LLC Members, Partners or Owner.
  • A detailed listing of payroll by employee.
  • Classification codes.
  • Notes regarding the business operations.
  • Interview conducted with the named insured.
  • And many other details gathered at the audit by the auditor.

The audit worksheets are a snapshot into the data collected by the auditor and supplied by the named insured.

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