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Chamber of Commerce Organizations

Workers Compensation Consultants will work with your Statewide or Local Chamber of Commerce to provide our consulting service as a chamber member benefit

Workers Compensation Consultants is your members FIRST RESOURCE for correcting problems with Workers Comp Payroll Audits, Workers Comp Classification Codes, Experience Modification Factors and Workers Comp Audit Disputes.

Our service is available to all chamber of commerce, sponsor groups and independent chamber members. Workers Compensation Consultants will work directly with any chamber of commerce member or through your chamber organization or other sponsor group to provide our service.

We do not sell insurance. We act on your members behalf to review workers compensation audits, workers compensation experience modification factors (e-mods) and workers compensation premium calculations. Regardless of your members business type, retail, wholesale, service, installation or manufacturing, we are able to help. Errors in workers compensation audits, e-mods and premium calculations occur in the most simple to the most sophisticated workers compensation programs. We find find errors and recover significant refunds for business owners in one-third to one-half of the programs we review.

Your chamber or sponsor group can provide our services to your members at reduced rates thus providing an additional value added service for your members. There is absolutley no risk for your members or for your chamber to try our services. We do not collect or sell any information about our clients, chamber organizations or chamber members. We are compensated by a variety of affordable compensation plans depending on the type of service module we provide. There are no hidden fees or expenses charged to our client. We keep it simple. Only the opportunity for your chamber members to secure refunds due to workers compensation overcharges by their insurance company, find independent answers in regards workers compensation codes and secure independent help with audit disputes, making discoveries of mistakes and errors on their policies and help making corrections. Be sure to contact our office to see how we can help your members!

I'm confident your members will consider our service to be an extremely valuable benefit.

For more information on how we can help your chamber of commerce or sponsor group members contact Randy Sieberg, CIC, ARM, CRM at 931-292-2633 or e-mail at: [email protected]

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