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NCCI - National Council on Compensation Insurance

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NCCI - National Council on Compensation Insurance

National Council on Compensation Insurance, Inc., based in Boca Raton, FL, manages the nationís largest database of workers compensation insurance information. NCCI analyzes industry trends, prepares workers compensation insurance rate recommendations, determines the cost of proposed legislation, and provides a variety of services and tools to maintain a healthy workers compensation system. NCCI gathers specific information, calculates and issues experience modification (e-mod) factors for all employers within the states governed by NCCI.

NCCI has operated since 1922 as a not for profit business. Their organization studies a broad range of factors both nationally and state specific which impact workers compensation programs. They conduct in depth analysis of trend factors and other contributing issues that affect workers compensation programs. They analyze and present recommendations to insurance companies and state governments as far as rate proposals, loss cost adjustments and assist in the determination of cost legislative actions may have on the workers comp system.

NCCI utilizes actuaries, researchers and statistical analysts to review workers comp related data gained from about 1000 insurance companies and 40 states. They then interrupt this raw data and formulate usable stats and information that is then provided to their clients for use in projecting the future direction of workers compensation.

These are some of the services NCCI provides to their clients :
  • Establish and maintain the workers compensation classification system
  • Provide essential information for ratemaking adequacy
  • Provide administration and management of Residual Market Plans
  • Maintain the NCCI Experience Rating Plan
  • Provide services for CCPAP, Contracting Classification Premium Adjustment Programs
  • And many others

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