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Pre Audit Review - Workers Compensation PAR Program -

Isn't it about time you became PROACTIVE with your workers compensation insurance program? Stop having adverse audits, being surprised after the year end workers compensation audit and stop getting unexpected workers comp audit bills! Wouldn't you like to know the workers comp rules ahead of time? And how to set up your work process and record keeping system to take advantage of the rules...but this time in YOUR favor?

Request A Pre-Audit Review:

Email or Call our office at 573-489-8323 to discuss how a Pre-Audit Review may benefit your business. We do not charge for our initial consultation and interview.

During our initial interview we will discuss your current methods of record keeping and how they play into the audit process, our qualifications and how we may conduct your Pre-Audit review. Once you decide to go use our review service we will provide you with our fee schedule and compensation options, set up your account, gather information we will need to reveiw and begin work.

Through Our Pre Audit Review Program (PAR) we:

  • Work with you to identify the work processes used in your business;
  • Research and identify the best combination of workers compensation classification codes for your operations;
  • Educate you on slight differences and how just a small change in your business operation may make a big impact on your workers comp premiums;
  • Help you take advantage of the rules of workers comp as set out by NCCI and other authorities;
  • Review your current methods of record keeping and teach you how to set up your system to take full advantage of the rules;
  • Assist you in preparation for the audit process and help you "get your house in order;"
  • Provide you an independent look at your operation with a critical eye toward key areas that effect workers comp premium;
  • Show you how to regain control of your workers compensation program!

We will contact you as soon as we receive your retainer payment to confirm your order, complete our service agreement and schedule an interview to begin helping you with your problem. If you have trouble or prefer to talk to us first or order by phone, please call (931) 292-2633 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).

Sound good? We thought so! That's why we've developed the Workers Compensation PAR Program. Our effective and affordable Pre Audit Review (PAR), was developed to head off all those issues.

So...lets be PROACTIVE! Take control of your workers compensation program! Here's how...

Auditors have to go by the book! After all they do work for the insurance company and, even though some may want to help out, they don't have time and are not authorized by their employer to do that! Over the years we've seen many small mistakes employers make in how they present data to an auditor that results in significant additional premium charges on their workers comp policy. If those employers had only been educated on the rules governing workers compensation they may have been able to save themselves thousands of dollars in additional premium charged to them after an audit.

We know...because that's how we make our money... helping employers with workers comp audit and premium problems! As a professional workers compensation consulting firm we've seen first hand how sometimes seemingly insignificant mistakes made by an employer can cause devastating effects on how much they have to pay.

And that's why we developed our Pre Audit Review Program. We've seen the effects of employers struggling with significant premium increases and wanted to do something about it! And the result...our affordable PAR Program.

So if you are interested in getting ahead of the workers comp audit game...want to learn about the rules ahead of time...and want to regain control of your workers comp program give us a call...WE CAN HELP!

And best of all...you can choose how we get paid! We offer our PAR Program on two compensation plans. The hourly rate plan where you just pay us for our work; or the combination plan where we charge you a reduced rate and share in any return premium we're able get back for you due to our work!

We do our best to make this service affordable! You can choose what's best for you!
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