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Workers Compensation Retrospective (Retro) Rating Review -

We help with workers compensation retrospective rating plan problems and disputes. If you have already retained legal representation for a retro plan problem, we will work with your attorney in the capacity of Expert Witness and Litigation Support. As an independent outside resource we can assist you in reaching a favorable outcome in your retrospective rating dispute with the insurance company.

Retrospective Rating Plan Review Service

      * Retrospective Rating Plan Review Service -

This is a special service we provide. Please email us or contact our office to discuss the specifics surrounding your case. We'll discuss how we may be of assistance to you with your retrospecitive rating plan problem, how our fees apply and what we need to do to get started.

If your retro problem is currently in litigation, we will work with your attorney through our Expert Witness and Litigation Support service. Ask your attorney to contact us by phone at 573-489-8323 or email us with details about your case for qualification and to schedule an initial consultation.

With this special service our consultant:
  • Will review workers compensation claims, loss payment and settlements, retro formulas and retrospective rating factors;
  • Will help identify existing errors and mistakes in your workers comp retro plan;
  • Will assist you in filing a proper retro dispute with your insurance company;
  • Can independently review an ongoing retro dispute and assist you and your attorney develop a workable plan of action;

Once we've discussed your problem we'll review our fee schedule, complete our service agreement and schedule an interview to begin help with your problem. You can always email us about your case or if you would like to talk about your problem please call (573) 489-8323 (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm CST).

Problems with a workers compensation retrospective rating plan can result in large overpayment of premium! Simply because of the complexity and large size of these alternative workers compensation funding tools, when problems develop with retro plans they generally become very large, very quick. Mistakes surrounding retrospective rating plans may include inappropriate application or use of such plans, poor claim processing, settlement or claim handling and errors with application of retro formulas and rating factors.

If you have a problem with a workers comp retro plan...WE CAN HELP!

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