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Standard Exception Codes

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Standard Exception Codes - Workers Compensation

Standard exception codes are codes that describe common work occupations found in many businesses. For the purpose of proper classification these codes will not be found included within the basic classification of a business. In other words, if the governing classification code of the business includes these work processes, as described within the governing code description, then they will not be separately used. However if the governing code for a business does not include the standard exception code within its description then the standard exception may be independently used. The standard excdeption codes are separately rated outside the governing classification.

The Standard Exception Codes are:

  • Clerical Office Employees NOC - Code 8810 - and/or Clerical Office Telecommuter Employees - Code 8871 -

  • Drivers, Chauffeurs, Messengers NOC - Code 7380 -

  • Outside Salespersons or Collectors - Code 8742 -

  • Automobile Salespersons - Code 8748 -
Be careful using the standard exception codes! There are very specific rules that apply in their proper use on a workers compensation policy. Errors when incorrectly used may develop high additional premium after audit.

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