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A Directory of Workers Compensation Rules, Laws, Regulations and Resources

Here's a summary of each state's workers comp rules, regulations and laws - or - visit our State Benefits Directory.

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  • This is a workers compensation law, rules and regulations directory for each of the fifty states. You'll find on these pages a great deal of free information about each individual state workers compensation laws, rules and regulations that was compiled for use by employers and insurance professionals alike.

    If you're looking for any state specific information about:
    • workers compensation laws;
    • workers compensation policy legal information;
    • workers comp rules and regulations that effect employers;
    • any individual states workers comp requirements;
    • links to any states workers comp regulation pages;
    • how to contact the workers comp authorities in each state;
    Then you've found the right place!

    All of the workers comp rules, regulations and summaries found on this site are provided FREE for your use. It's easy to access, just pick any state from the list on the left and click on the link. This link will take you right to the workers comp rule summary page for that state. On these summary pages you'll find for each state:
    • who's required to carry workers compensation insurance;
    • if private workers comp insurance is allowed;
    • any numerical exceptions before an employer must carry workers comp;
    • if workers compensation is compulsory;
    • how owners of a business are treated, are they included or excluded from workers comp;
    • are there special workers comp rules for contractors;
    • special notes about each individual state and their special workers comp laws and rules;
    • subrogation information on each state;
    • how workers are covered by workers compensation when working in other states, extraterritorial coverage;
    When you've found the individual state workers comp page of your choice you'll find a summarization of the key rules and regulations for that page. To make things easier you'll also find a direct link that if you click will take you to that state's government web page with complete, detailed workers compensation information for your use. All of the state workers compensation laws, rules and regulations information found on our site was compiled as a quick reference on key topics. This information was gathered directly from the individual states workers comp governing authorities.

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    Important Notice Please Read: All workers comp rules, laws and regulation information found on these pages is provided for your use only as a reference. We strive to maintain accurate information on this site, but please realize workers compensation laws are complicated and subject to constant change. For current, accurate information please consult your individual states workers compensation governing authority or a workers compensation attorney in your state. If you need help with a workers compensation problem or have a specific situation or question, you can always contact our office.

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