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Unexpected Audit Bill

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Have you ever gone to the mail box, found an envelope waiting for you, opened it, looked at its contents and just stood there with your mouth open? Well that's a simple description of how an unexpected workers compensation audit bill can sneak up on you! And that's just where it begins.

An unexpected audit bill may be caused by many things but the one thing they all have in common is they were not expected! So what's the cause of this? We'd chalk that up to poor communication found running rampant within the workers compensation insurance industry. Wouldn't you think that if an auditor came to your office, spent a little time with you and found some major errors in the way your workers comp insurance policy was originally set up, errors that would develop a surprise bill for you, that they would point that out to you? Now some auditors are good at this, they can actually be very helpful to an insured in pointing out errors and mistakes that were made on their original policy that will cost the insured additional money. This is being helpful!

So we say, there should never be a surprise or unexpected audit bill! When the communication lines are open and clear, you the insured, should always be kept in the know. Maybe, just maybe with better communication, knowledge and experience, those folks who sell and audit workers compensation policies can do a better job and keep their clients, their insureds in the loop...afterall it's those people who keep the insurance companies in business....don't they?

But then reality steps in....surprises happen every day! We receive calls every day from insureds out there who open their mail and are presented with that unexpected audit bill!

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