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Who Is Insured

A Workers Compensation Term Defined, Described and Explained

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Who Is Insured

Who Is Insured - is defined in the workers compensation policy. Unlike other insurance policies that identify the "Named Insured," the workers compensation policy identifies "who is insured." Many folks that work in the insurance industry mistakenly use the term named insured when identifying who is insured in a workers comp policy.

Named Insured is an insurance term typically used in property and casualty policies that meets the policy definition of "insured." The named insured may be an individual, a partnership, a corporation, a LLC, a trust or some other legally recognized entity who has an insurable interest in the focus of the insurance policy. "First Named Insured" and "Additional Insureds" are different levels of an Insured that you will find under most property and casualty policies, but not in a workers compensation policy.

From a workers compensation stand point, the term named insured is not specifically used. Rather the workers compensation policy specifically identifies the term "Insured." Found within General Section B under the title "Who Is Insured" you will find the usable definition as it applies for a workers compensation policy. Be sure to pay attention to the entities being identified as the insured. An insured on a workers compensation policy may also be an Individual, Sole Proprietor, Partnership, LLC, Corporation or other legal entity.

The standard workers compensation policy indicates that YOU ARE INSURED if:
  • You are an Employer named in Item 1 of the Information Page of the policy

It goes on to state that if the employer is a Partnership and YOU are one of the Partners then you are Insured only in the capacity as the employer.

You will find that throughout the workers compensation policy it refers to YOU as the insured identified in Item 1. As indicated above in the phrase "YOU are an Insured if YOU...." The insuring agreement in a policy states that:
  • WE (the insurance company) will pay benefits required of YOU (the insured) by the workers compensation law.

Maybe it really doesn't make a difference if you call the insured on a workers compensation policy a named insured, employer, policyholder or who is insured. Maybe these terms really mean the same thing. But you should know the origin of the terms and you should know that a workers compensation policy is different from other kinds of policies.

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