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Clients who have experienced workers compensation audit mistakes or errors, workers compensation e-mod errors and workers compensation premium calculation errors.

"A Metal Goods Manufacturer..."
Mr. Sieberg helped our business recover significant premium overcharges on our workers compensation policy. Our policy was calculated wrong. The insurance company applied the incorrect experience modification factor and without his help we would have never known there was mistake.

"A General Contractor..."
Mistakes were found in our audit where the insurance company auditor changed our job classes. This resulted in a premium correction on our audit and current year policy. We got a nice refund back from the insurance company. We'll have every audit from now on reviewed by Randy Sieberg and his associates.

"A Municipality..."
Mr. Sieberg and his associates assisted our city council in understanding our experience mod factor. After several claims we experienced significant increases in our premium that our agent had not warned us about. Mr. Sieberg and his asociates reviewed our premium calculations, current and prior audits corrected some mistakes but also projected future premiums so we could help budget through the experience mod problem. They came along when we were really having trouble and no one seemed to want to help. Their service proved invaluable.

"A Home Builder..."
I had Mr. Sieberg take a look at my workers compensation audit. They didn't find anything wrong with the most recent one but after looking into the last couple of years they found a return premium for my company from 3 years ago. It was a nice surprise.

"An Underground Utility Contractor..."
We asked Randy Sieberg to look at our workers compensation policies and audits and after they did their review they found no errors or mistakes. It didn't cost me anything! Just like they said. It was great having someone who really knows workers compensation checking things out for me, looking out for my interest!

"A Siding Contractor..."
I'm a small contractor. I put siding on houses and have a couple of crews working for me. I got a audit bill for my work comp policy that was over $18,000. I tried to work things out with the insurance company but got no where quick. Mr. Sieberg was able to work with the insurance company and got my audit reduced just by knowing where to find the mistakes. I'd refer him to anyone!

"A Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning (HVAC) Contractor..."
Our business has always relied on our insurance agent to take care of all our business insurance needs. We have had the same insurance company for several years. After our audit last year we received a large increase in premium and a bill for about $8,000. We called on Mr. Sieberg and he was able to fix the problem with our insurance company correcting our audit. We now have Mr. Sieberg review every workers compensation audit we receive.

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