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Free workers compensation resources to help employers reduce their workers compensation costs.

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Articles About Workers Compensation - Free articles about workers compensation issues for your use

Top 10 List of Workers Compensation Audit Errors

Are You Being Overcharged for Workers Compensation Insurance?

How to Prepare for a Workers Comp Audit

How to Dispute Your Workers Compensation Audit

Workers Compensation Payroll and Remuneration

Glossary of Workers Compensation Terms

State Insurance Departments

National Council on Compensation Insurance - NCCI

Occupational Safety & Health Administrations - OSHA

Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) System Search Page

Frequently Cited OSHA Standards

NAICS - North American Industry Classification System Search Page

We've put this free workers compensation resource directory together to help employers, insurance agents, auditors and all others who may have an interest in various workers compensation topics. You'll find many of these links will take you directly to another page on our website where you will find detailed information. Our website and blog have over 550 pages of helpful free information on many workers compensation issues. You can start learning about workers compensation insurance by simply following any of the links shown above.

On this page you'll find links to our free articles section. These are articles we've written about topical workers compensation issues. These articles are free for you to use as long as you follow our terms of use, don't change them and give us proper credit for writing the article. You'll also find a section titled "Top 10 List of Workers Compensation Audit Errors." This section should help you avoid the pitfalls of workers compensation audits! The next three links; Are You Being Overharged for Workers Compensation Insurance; How to Prepard for a Workers Comp Audit; ad How to Dispute Your Workers Compensation Audit are three of our most visited sections. Each will give you valuable insight into the workers compensation pricing process.

Our Workers Compensation Glossary is chocked full of workers comp terms with definitions to help you better understand the lingo! And we've pulled out a special page about Workers Comp Payroll and Remuneration to help you understand just what constitutes rating payroll for these insurance policies.

You can find all contact information for the individual State's Departments of Insurance on our State Laws and Rules Directory page or by following the State Insurance Departments link above. Various other direct contact information is made available for your use. And if you are looking for any information on the Monopolistic States just click on the link above.

You also need to visit our home page where most of our pages or informational sections of our website are listed with details of their content. When on our home page just be sure to scroll all the way down, that's where you'll find all of the resource information. As you read through our website you'll find we've geared most of our pages to daily issues that many employers face. While some of these topics can be difficult to understand we've tried to describe them in simple to understand terms.

We will update this page often by adding new resource links so be sure to check back!

For those who may need assistance with a specific workers compensation problem be sure you contact our office for assistance. We are an independent workers compensation consulting firm and have developed some very specific areas of knowledge useful to many employers, insurance agents, brokers, auditors, attorneys and insurance company personnel.

Through out our website you will find pages dedicated to consulting services we offer as an independent workers compensation consulting firm. We provide consulting services to employers, policyholders, insurance agents and agencies, insurance company auditors and underwriting peronnel and attorneys and their clients. Solving difficult workers comp premium related problems can be a challenge at best. They can be comples and almost impossible for an employer to discover on their own. If you have a premium or classification code related problem with you workers compensation policy be sure you contact our office, we may be able to help!

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