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Workers Compensation Review - A policy review and audit could save you overpaid premiums

Learn how a workers compensation policy review can save you workers comp premium

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Are you paying too much for workers compensation? If your workers compensation premium is wrong - we can help correct it. If your insurance audit is wrong - we can help correct it. Contact us before your next audit or renewal. Allow us to perform a professional workers compensation review! We will make certain you are not being overcharged!

Are you paying too much for your workers compensation Insurance?

We make sure you're not being overcharged! It's what we do! We don't sell insurance and we won't replace your insurance agent. We will work with your insurance agent to supplement their knowledge. We simply go beyond the normal insurance agents understanding of these complex rules to make sure your policy follows the rules set forth that allow you to get the best price for your workers compensation.

When it comes to pricing workers compensation it's not really a "big picture" kind of thing but more of a "the devils in the details" situation. Workers comp pricing, working up the premiums an employer pays, is all about the details. With over 700 classification codes available and with each code carrying a different rate getting the right classification code is on top of the list. Unfortunately, we find errors in classification codes all the time. How do you know if the right class code and rules govering the use of that code is being applied correctly to your policy?

No doubt the rules of workers compensation are complicated. They comprise a set of complex descriptions associated with each and every code, so complex it's not surprising that even insurance professionals many times find the application of these rules overwhelming. Errors and mistakes in the application of the rules governing pricing of a policy cost employers many of thousands of dollars in overpaid premiums everyday!

How can you tell if you're paying too much in premium?

Without a workers compensation review, you may never know if you're overpaying for workers comp insurance. Insurance companies go by rules when pricing and auditing a workers compensation policy. Complicated rules and guidelines established by advisory organizations like NCCI and others. Without a working knowledge of those rules it's almost impossible to determine if your policy is calculated wrong. Correct application of those rules lead to fair, correct premium charges.

Are workers comp rules being properly applied to your policy?

Rules and regulations for the proper classification and pricing of a workers compensation policy are very complicated. They are found in reference materials such as "Rules of the Basic Manual" and the "Experiencing Rating Manual" both by NCCI. Those states who do not follow NCCI as their rating authority publish their own manuals or follow some hybrid combination of rules made up of a combination of NCCI and their own. It's virtually impossible for an individual employer, even an employer with on staff or contracted risk management consultants, to keep abreast of the many rules that must be followed. Rules that have a direct impact on the pricing and premium for workers comp insurance.

That's where we fit into the picture! Our professional consultants are experienced in working with these rules everyday. Our consultants have paid their dues with experience found ranging from workers compensation company employee status to former NCCI employee status and insurance agency principal. It's our experience and credentials that makes us different from other workers compensation consulting groups. The kind of experience you need on your team!

You will find we provide our workers compensation consulting services to a broad range of clients including:
  • Individual Employers
  • Insurance Agencies
  • Insurance Companies
  • Insurance Agents
  • Auditors
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How to Request a Review and How We Get Paid

Our Workers compensation review is easy. We keep things simple for you. Just contact our office. We'll talk about your situation and find out why you think you have a problem. We'll explain how we get paid, send you our service agreement and authorization forms for your signature and make arrangements to have you send the policy documents we need review either by email or fax. Once we receive the items back we'll assign our consultant, they will quickly be in touch with you to review your case and further discuss our findings.

We offer two compensation plans for our general workers compensation review services. The hourly rate plan where you just pay us for the work we do or the combination plan where we charge you a reduced hourly rate but also share a low percentage of any return premium we get for you.

You choose what works best for you. Our general workers compensation review service can be set up on an affordable compensation plan of your choice.

If you contact us before your next audit or before your workers compensation policy renews, we'll help prepare you for your audit and give you a look ahead into the outcome of the insurance company audit! Helpful information that you can use as a planning tool. So be sure to sign up for our service today!

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